Who, Me?

I was 4.

They made it a game and I guess I just never stopped playing it.

When I was four years old I lived with my cousins for a bit. Not sure how long we lived with them? Maybe a year or two? My family had just moved from Los Angeles to northern California and we needed a place to stay until we could find a place of our own. 

My cousins are all older than me. All five of them played a musical instrument and they pretty much demanded that I choose an instrument to play. Not playing one was not an option. After a few weeks of trying to get me to play the guitar, my cousin Ray created a game. He sat me down at the drums and said “whoever can play the longest without stopping, wins.” Long story short, after losing the first round, my second attempt proved to be a game changer. I had to be physically removed from the drums. That’s how it all started.

From that point on I was learning how to play music by playing music. 


My Setup

Ludwig Drums

7×10 Tom
6.25×13 Tom
10×14 Tom
12×15 Floor Tom
16×16 Floor Tom
16×26 Bass Drum
5×14 Supraphonic

Paiste Cymbals

8” Modern Essentials Splash
10” Alpha Metal Splash
14” PST X Swiss Thin Crash
14” Rude China Blast
14” Signature Reflector Heavy Full Hats
19” Signature Reflector Heavy Full Crash
20” Signature Reflector Heavy Full Crash
20” Signature Dry Dark Ride (not pictured)
20” 2002 China Type ( Black Label )
22” Signature Reflector Bell Ride
24” 2002 Crash (not pictured)

Evans Drumheads

UV1 Batter & Reso Side On All Toms
UV EQ4 on Bass Batter 
G1 Coated Bass Reso Side
UV1 Snare Batter
Orchestral 300 Snare Side

Vic Firth Sticks

Freestyle 5B

DW Pedals & Hardware

DW 9000 Double Pedal & Hi Hat Stand
DW Hardware
DW Throne

LP Percussion

Chad Smith Ridge Rider Cowbell
Black Beauty Cowbell
Bongo Cowbell
Big Egg Shaker
Foot Tamborine

guitar Gear



Artwood AW54CE


PJ Bass Limited


5 String Banjo