It's a lot like fishing

Songwriting is a lot like fishing. When you catch something you have to decide what you’re going to do with it: ¬†throw it back, prepare it for yourself, take it to market…it’s up to you. The longer you do it (as in years spent) you begin to realize that a song is like catching a fish — you didn’t create it, you just caught it.

sunset memories

Wrote this one about a short lived relationship. Just like sunsets, the relationship was absolutely beautiful and ended way too soon. Not a true story, just used my imagination.

Home away from heaven

This one I wrote about being away from home. You might like where you're at but nothing compares to being home. This one has stuff that I've actually done.

Blame it on crazy

A guy just walked out on a girl at a bar. Another guy tries to cheer her up by taking her on some crazy adventures. The guy that walked out on her is playing the part of "crazy". They blame anything stupid they do on him.

You + Me

Song about a young couple that grew up together and end up getting married. The husband to be is singing all of this as the bride to be is walking down the aisle.